13 Creative DIY Screen Door Ideas and Important Details to Consider • Insteading (2022)

Installing a screen door allows a delightful cross breeze through the whole house without the worry of insects invading your living space. Screen doors keep bugs, birds, bats, and airborne debris from entering the home while allowing for light, air, and outdoor views.

However, screen doors only perform that function if the screen is undamaged, and the mesh is 100 percent intact — with a mesh size adequate to prevent fly and rodent entry. When talking about a screen door, we are referring to any type of hinged storm door (for cold weather) or any hinged screen door covering (for warm weather) whether an exterior door or sliding glass door.

No matter if you are installing new screen doors or attempting to repair your current ones, there is a diverse array of screen door frames and mesh options, and it is a bit overwhelming to try to determine the best screen door ideas for your needs. Read on to discover DIY screen door ideas and some helpful hints and hacks to guide you through the process.

Modern And Elegant DIY Screen Door

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Here’s a screen door that’s functional and a modern twist of what you may consider a fairly rustic feature on a home. The addition of the modern-style house numbers to this screen door makes it stand out from the other projects on this list.

Paint the screen door to match the detailing on your house, or paint it a bright color to add a refreshing pop to your entry. This project will cost anywhere from $75 to $200 based on the supplies you choose, but it’s an affordable way to update your home’s landing or deck.

Rustic Screen Door

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If you’re looking for a rustic, homestead-inspired screen door to keep out the bugs, consider this DIY plan from Funky Junk Interiors. Made out of wood and a fine mesh screen, this door can be customized with different paint colors or stains to either match the current trim on your house or contrast with the current decor.

Sun And Moon Screen Door

Here’s a decorative screen door that’s understated but adds a nice touch to your outdoor space. Leave the wood as-is, stain it, or paint the sun and the moon for a pop of color.

Rustic Wood Slat Screen Door

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This screen door has a charming rustic vibe with a wood slat design that’s almost reminiscent of picket fences.

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This door has a little more coverage and privacy than other options, but it still allows for a nice breeze to sneak in through the top half.

Mediterranean-Style Screen Door

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Photo bySearch patio design ideas

Unless you’re experienced in welding, this is one of those screen door ideas that you’ll have to call a professional to achieve. If you have a Mediterranean-style home, this option may be the best to fit your home’s decor.

And not only do steel and wrought iron screen doors look good, they’re strong, durable, and will last for years to come.

Simple DIY Screen Door

If you consider yourself a visual learner and are on the search for a no-frills, functional screen door to keep the bugs out, this project from YouTube is one you can follow along to build.

The project is a good pick for beginner DIY-ers and carpenters, and can be easily customized to fit the current color of your home’s trim.

Custom Woodwork Screen Door

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If you (or someone in your family) is a woodworker, this screen door idea is totally in your wheelhouse. Choose a favorite wood and stain, and you can create a one-of-a-kind screen door that no one else has.

Embroidered DIY Screen Door Ideas

There aren’t any instructions to go along with this project, so you’ll have to do a little problem solving and research, but we think this might be one of the prettiest screen door ideas on the list.

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When you think about it, mesh is a great material to embroider, so why not add your own crafty touch to your screen door?

Farm-Style Wood Screen Door

Here’s a screen door idea that’s fairly traditional and well built to last for many years to come. The instructions for this project include highly detailed steps and photos, so you can check your own work against every step.

This project includes a list for both the materials and an exact cut list, so you can know what to cut yourself, or what you’ll need to have cut at your local hardware store.


DIY Wood Screen Door With Geometric Detail

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With a price tag of less than $30, this DIY screen door project is inspired by a store-bought version that cost nearly $500. The geometric cut out design adds a modern flair to this screen door while the crisp white paint is definitely farmhouse-inspired.

The design of this DIY screen door provides you a bit of privacy while still allowing fresh air in and keeping bugs out.

DIY Pet Door In A Screen Door

13 Creative DIY Screen Door Ideas and Important Details to Consider • Insteading (6)

If you have an existing screen door that works but is difficult for your pet to enter and exit, consider this project that adds a pet door to your existing screen. The door works as a traditional dog door would, but it’s a much more esthetically pleasing option.

Simple Magnetic Mesh Bug Screen

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While this isn’t a time-consuming DIY project, it will require a little bit of installation. This simple magnetic mesh bug screen is a functional solution to annoying bugs and pests entering your living area.

This mesh screen has 26 magnets to keep it closed off, but the screen is handsfree and easy to navigate, even when you have your hands full of groceries or gardening supplies.

Mid-Century Modern Screen Door

Whether you have a mid-century modern home, or you simply like adding touches of the popular style, this mid-century modern screen door is a unique take on the traditional screen door you might expect to see.

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The subtle touch of primary colors is reminiscent of 60s homes, and is a nice decorative touch to bring the screen door together.

Screen Door Frame Options

A standard screen door is typically 80 or 81 inches tall and 32, 34, or 36 inches wide. If you have an older home and the structure has settled, a wooden frame is your best choice for door frames that are slightly off-kilter from standard sizes. You can easily trim a wooden screen door to snugly fit the frame.

If you are considering replacing window screening either now or in the future, it is a good idea to choose mesh that is available in sizes, finishes, and colors to fit your window frames as well as your doorways. That way, window screens will match, and the exterior appearance of your home’s doors and windows will be more consistent.

Screen Mesh Options

Screen door mesh size is based on the number of openings measured per square inch of mesh.No. 4 mesh has four openings per square inch while a No. 16 mesh provides 16 openings per inch. In homes where screen doors are installed, consideration is focused not only on keeping insect pests out but also on preserving or enhancing the outdoor view.

Aluminum Wire Screening

Aluminum wire screening is durable, strong, will not sag, and does not rust. The majority of aluminum screening is covered with a protective finish to prevent corrosion and strengthen the weave. Aluminum wire is a bit more durable than fiberglass mesh.

Fiberglass Screening

Fiberglass screen is an economical, flexible, and easy-installation screening that does not unravel, dent, or crease. Fiberglass screening is the most popular product for new construction, and a great choice when replacing the screening in either doors or windows.

Pool, porch, or patio screen is manufactured from heavy-duty fiberglass designed specifically for patio and sunroom enclosures and other areas where extra strength is needed on wide spans.

Fiberglass screening is available in both silver, gray, and charcoal. If you wish to enjoy the view out of your back door, choose the charcoal color of fiberglass mesh. The charcoal color screen proves the most popular as it offers the best outward visibility.

Cooper Bronze Screening

Although somewhat more expensive, copper bronze screens are gorgeous. Manufactured from 90 percent copper and 10 percent zinc, this premier screening offers superior strength and durability in a brilliant golden finish and oxidizes to a perfect patina that protects the copper from weather erosion.

A Note On Mesh Size

When deciding on mesh size, consider your geographic location. Some areas, such as southern Florida that are plagued by gnats and tiny flies, are best served with the smallest size of insect-proof mesh. Standard screen doors use an 18 x 16 mesh with a .011 diameter wire thickness.

Different Types Of Screen Doors

Screen door frames are made from wood, aluminum, vinyl-coated aluminum, or stainless steel. Stainless steel is your most durable screen door frame option but it’s a bit of a challenge to install as it is considerably heavier than other frame materials.

Select a screen door frame that matches or blends with your home’s framework. Stainless steel screen doors are available unfinished or coated with a baked-on enamel in your choice of standard decorating colors. Custom color choices and wood grain finishes are also available.

Magnetic Mesh Screen Doors

Handsfree magic magnetic mesh screen door covers allow fresh air into your living space while keeping bugs at bay. This type of handsfree screen door cover opens easily and then closes automatically. It is perfect for sliding doors, single doors, and RVs. The door consists of two 83 inch by 19.5 inch mesh panels and 12 hook and loop strips. Wood tacks hold the door covering in place and 18 powerful magnets hold the panels securely closed.

Retractable Screen Doors

Screen doors that retract discreetly when not in use, are the ideal solution for single doors, double or slider doors, in-swing, out-swing, French doors, porches, gazebos, garage doors, and RVs. Standard size, or custom made to your dimensions, retractable screen doors are available for purchase online or at your local home and garden supply.

Storm And Screen Door Combinations

Screen doors are a basic door with a screen while storm doors have more parts. The big difference being the glass door panel which comes in various sizes depending on the type of storm door view.

Selecting the right screen door for your home can be a daunting task. Hopefully, this information made the chore a bit easier and you can enjoy the evening breezes in the safety and comfort of your home.



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How do you dress up a screen door? ›

You can also decorate your screen door with decorative corner inserts, Victorian appliques or brackets. These are available in plastic, metal and wood, with designs to match almost every style of house. Attach them to the inside corners of the screen door with screws.

How do you repurpose a screen door? ›

Read on for 8 Great Ways to Use Old Screen Doors .
  1. Chalkboard. You can actually create a chalkboard using the door frame as a new frame for the board. ...
  2. Laundry basket. ...
  3. Pantry doors. ...
  4. Baby's nursery. ...
  5. Vertical garden. ...
  6. Coat and hat rack. ...
  7. Headboard. ...
  8. Add Some Lace.
Jul 13, 2016

What is the best wood for a screen door? ›

When it comes to selecting wood, there is no finer choice than Mahogany. An exotic wood imported from Africa, Mahogany has a medium to course texture which absorbs finishes very well. This wood is extremely durable and will make an exceptional screen door!

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How do you paint a screen door? ›

You can easily paint both wooden and metal screen doors. All you need is some primer, paint, and a brush. To get started, prop open your door and wipe it down with a cleaning solution. Then, apply an even layer of primer to your door, let the coat dry completely, and paint your door using multipurpose or door paint.

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