How Much Value Does a Garden Add to Your House? (2023)

When you take on any renovation project it often comes with a reason behind it. You may want to make your house more of a home. Perhaps you see the benefit in renovating something to drive up the value, so you make a tidy profit when you come to sell it.

Whatever your reasoning, it can be not only rewarding and beneficial but help you develop some skills you may not have known you have.

Interestingly, a garden is often thought of as a last option. As long as the grass is green and the weeds don’t show, for some, that is enough. However, a garden is often a very useful key to extracting a little more value on your property.

Back in 2020 the post office conducted a study and found that a landscaped garden could add up to 77% to the value of your property! Unsure whether your home can match that increased value, simply ask us to, “value my house” and see for yourself!

How much does a garden add to house value?

If you have already completed work on interior features of your house and think a garden is next on the agenda, then it is certainly something worth embellishing in. Maybe it could come before the rooms of the house. Especially when you see the figures that the post office discovered. A more than 70% increase on value is never to be shied away from!

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How you decide to work on your garden is down to you. There are many things that can be done to make a garden stand out. Whether it be plenty of flowers, a new deck, a pool or some stylish features and paving the possibilities are endless.

Sometimes the aim of a garden is to make it a social hub, other times a peaceful haven. Whichever option you choose, consider whether you want to make this a significant project for the year or one where you make a few small alterations and hope for the increased valuation.

How much does garden landscaping cost?

Much will depend on the scale of the project involved as well as the size of the garden, but you could expect to spend £5000-£10000 for a large garden. Depending on the work involved it could raise to as much as £30,000.

For example, adding water features would cost considerably more than adding some plants and flowers. Installing artificial grass would add more to the bill than adding some play accessories for the children.

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Why does a garden increase the value of my house?

Gardening is one of Britain’s most loved hobbies, and during the lockdowns it seemed to peak among a more wide-ranging demographic than typically expected. The enforced stay at home rules meaning we took to new interests.

For many gardening is a relaxing interest and the creation of something from a small seed into something a lot grander delivers a great deal of satisfaction. Gardens, whether they are the front or rear are likely the first thing to be seen by those looking to view your property. A nicely presented garden alone can be seen to add 20% to your house value and past research has shown that approximately 70% of home buyers would pay more for a property with an outdoor green space. A further study showed that 57% of people that did not have a garden at their property, would look for one when looking for a new home.

What are the best garden renovation ideas to increase you house value?

If you decide that a full garden refurb is what you want to proceed with, there are several ideas you could begin to investigate and perhaps put into practise. We have picked a few that could help you see the best return on investment and give you a stylish, beautiful garden.

Utilise paving options

Paving allows you to divide your garden or have a pathway that either leads you literally around the garden path, or to a feature within it. To create the best impression, you can benefit from the colours of flowers and plants. Purple and whites are complimented with grey or white paving whereas black or silver paving will really emphasise reds, yellow or oranges.

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Consider the way it is laid to create the best visual spectacle that can be both practical and attractive.

Add a tall fence

Tall fences, especially if they are well maintained can help add value to your house. They promote a feeling of security and allow for more privacy. By adding hanging baskets or laying floral containers in front of them you also great a nice cosy haven. Especially if you have paved an area and adorned it with some soft furnishings.

Take advantage of sloping

If your garden has any sloping, you can make this work to your advantage to create something that visually stands out. You can strategically place flowers and plants to allow for a beautiful vista and give those looking at your property more to look at and enjoy. If done right, creating a view could really help secure a sale as interested parties are able to picture themselves enjoying the garden as much as you do.

Water features and other focal points

Having something for people to enjoy is a very valuable asset. If it is a water feature, a statue or maybe an area for some R&R, (add in a firepit for extra affect) it can genuinely sway a sale. A survey conducted among a group of estate agents found that 58% of them see a water feature adds value to the property and 54% see that well designed garden furniture is also a worthwhile asset.

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This can be embellished further by creating an area for children. A play area that is sectioned from the other parts of the garden is a winner for many families.

Plant trees

You may have created some visuals with the flowers that adorn the flower beds, but a tree is where the money lies. According to some experts a tree that can become a shady hideaway, a kid’s plaything or just an item of beauty can really help make your garden stand out. Not always the best idea in small gardens, if you can factor a tree into a larger garden, you can reap the rewards when you sell.

Just remember not to plant it too close to the house, or any driveways. Potential buyers may spot possible future issues they have to end up spending money on rectifying.

Add decking

A deck can be a fantastic way to see your garden increase in value. It works almost like a separate room and allows for a play space for the kids, an area to entertain guests or a different type of home office. Incorporating furniture, features and plants will really give a wow factor to this part of your garden.

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Are you in a house with a stunning garden but looking to move? If you are, speak to us! The expert team of online estate agents at SOLD can help you with everything involved with selling a house. We won’t charge you a penny to sell and can even help you find a new property with our comprehensive listings.


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